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Research Papers and News Articles connected with Indigenous Education and in particular concerning Accounting and Finance.


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A Great Place to Start-The First Little Rock

The attached research paper, prepared by Luisa Lombardi and Bruce Clayton from Deakin University over 2006 to 2012 is a great place to start if you are interested in beginning to understand why there are so few Indigenous Accountants in Australia. I'd love to hear your thoghts on their paper so please drop me a line at


Some Tentative Steps Foward

Over 2009 to 2010 I spent much time listening and learning from others about why there are so few Indigenous Accountants in Australia. During this period Lani Blanco Francis was a great source of insparation and perspective- thank you Lani for so generously offering your time and wisdom. 

 During 2009 I also connected with my Professional Body CPA Australia in an effort to raise awareness and generate discussion about the issue. During this period I was beginning to understand and learn more about the beauty and depth of wisdom in our Indigenous people and culture. While embarking on this voyage of discovery I was also increasingly aware of how knowledge of financial issues and language is one of those core pillars necassary for any society or culture to maintain its strength in a modern world........ in essence, the task of increasing the number of Indigenous Accountants in Australia crystalised in my mind as an important cultural initiative.

In early 2011 I wrote the attatched two papers that were included in a Federal Government Productivity Commission Report-Vocational Educational Training Workforce. The two papers capture my thoughts from 2009 and 2010.



A Roundtable Gathering

In October 2011, a significant event was orgainised and hosted by the Institute of Koori Education at Deakin University. The Roundtable gathering brought together Indigenous Accountants, University representatives, professionals from Corporate Australia and representatives from CPA Australia.

All who attended the Roudtable came with knowledge of the current low numbers of Indigenous Accountants and a beleif it was an issue worthy of discussion. The event provided an oppurtunity for Indigenous Accountants across the country to connect for the first time in Australia's history ad share their journeys- from my perspective this was the most important reason for holding such an event.

In the end it is individuals that make change and the Indigenous Accountants who attended are all trailblazers for their families and communities. For myself as a non Indigenous Australian it was a humbling and life changing experience to be part of this event. The Indigenous Accountants who attended were:

-Ellery Blackman

-Christian Lugnan

-Irene Morris 

Indigenous men, Joshua Riley (Business representatives from ANZ Bank) and Joshua Creamer (Lawyer) also attended and their presence and input was greatly appreciated.


Below are links to articles outlining the Roundtable event:

Event Summary from Deakin University

Story in the Australian Newspaper January 11, 2012

Roundtable Comprehensive Summary


Australian Accounting Bodies Appoint a Relationship Manager of Indigenous Strategies

In November 2011, a significant step foward was made when Australia's peak accounting bodies-CPA Austraila, The Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia and The Institute of Practicing Accountants jointly appointed a Relationship Manager of Indigenous, it has taken a while and long overdue but an important step by Australia's Accounting bodies.

Gavin Tye was appointed in the role of Relationship Manager of Indigenous Strategies, in November 2011 and here are a couple of links that describe more about Gavin and his role.


An Event that Rocked


In May 2012, the Austrlian School of Business at the University of New South Wales held a community forum "1000 Indigenous Accountants in a Decade". It was a wonderful day and a summary of all that occured is attatched ina pdf file.


Here is the PDF



A link to a youtube video from the day is shown here.



A selection of photos and a poster from the day are shown below




Poster for Community Forum




 Left to Right - Dylan Booth Anthony Ashby




Left to Right - Khierah Salam, Mackenzie Russell, Sarah Hyland


Left to Right - Prof N M Nakata, Dylan Booth and Caroline Armstrong 


Left to Right - Paul Newman and Josh Riley



My closing comment from the day was Australian School of Business, "You Rock!!"


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