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Indigenous Accountants is a new community based educational initiative. Our mission is to play an active role in understanding and addressing the critical shortage of Indigenous Accountants within Australia at the beginning of the 21st Century.

Indigenous Accountants has been founded on the belief that an increase in the understanding of Finance and Accounting within our Indigenous population, together with an increase in the currently critically low number of Indigenous Australians who choose Accounting as a career path can have far reaching long term benefits for Indigenous Communities and Individuals. 

 Benefits to emerge through education and participation could be seen in : 

  • Improved money management and financial skills
  • Greater financial independence
  • Ability to be actively involved in financial decisions that impact Indigenous people, families, communities and businesses
  • Better understanding of career and lifestyle options created through accounting and finance knowledge
  • Improved strength and independence of Indigenous Communities through decreased reliance on non-Indigenous Australians for provision of Accounting expertise 
  • Use of Accounting skills as a springboard to broader careers in business, community or government 
  • Development of personal financial skills to assist in enriching the lives and affairs of individuals, families, communities and businesses 
  • Benefits also have the potential to flow two ways as the Accounting Profession as a whole has a lot to learn culturally and philosophically from our Indigenous Communities



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